Biodegradable Plates and PET Lids

Your Green 2 Go tableware is 100% natural plant material in its natural color, meaning it is never bleached white – a process that uses harmful chemicals. It is recyclable, compostable, and contains NO chemicals or plastics – only plant pulp. They are visually striking, sturdy, oil/liquid resistant and can be used for hot or cold foods. Made from all-natural plant fiber and 100% Biodegradable.  Your Green 2 Go lids are made from PET #1, the same plastic as the majority of water bottles because PET #1 is the easiest to recycle.

10" Designer Plate

Case Qty: 250

10" Clear PET Lid

Case Qty: 250

10" Plate
(increased depth)
Case Qty: 300

8" Designer Plate
Case Qty: 300

8" Clear PET Lid
Case Qty: 250

8" Plate (increased depth)

Case Qty: 500

6" Designer Plate
Cast Qty: 500

6" Clear PET Lid
Case Qty: 500

5"x10 Designer Plate
Case Qty: 500

6.5"x10" Stair Plate
Case Qty:500

Clear Stackable PET LID
Case Qty:250

5"x10" Clear PET Lid
Case Qty: 250



Your Green 2 Go

The Eco-Friendly alternative for those who need economical, elegant and disposable tableware

Your Green 2 Go is a leading provider of all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable products for the food service industry. For too long, doing the right thing for our environment meant using unattractive, weak, and expensive disposable tableware. That’s why Your Green 2 Go developed a new line, made from all-natural plant fiber that is elegant, affordable and completely compostable and biodegradable.